John Carmack posts angry response to ZeniMax lawsuit loss on Facebook [Updated]

John Carmack posts angry response to ZeniMax lawsuit loss on Facebook [Updated]

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SJW vs John Carmack (Oculus Connect Keynote)

Pretentious feminist is concerned about porting a gender gap into VR, whatever the fuck that means.

John Carmack - GDC 2015

John Carmack - GDC 2015.

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This is the post Pixel flight interview with John Carmack of Armadillo Aerospace at he 2008 Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge.

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Some of the things Carmack talks about in this video: - OpenGL - functional programming - Haskell - Lisp - Scheme - strong and weak typing - multithreading - events - garbage collection - QuakeC...

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VR Is "Coasting on Novelty," Says John Carmack - GS News Update

Speaking during the Oculus Connect event, Carmack urged developers to "be harder" on themselves and create experiences on par with non-VR applications and games.

John Carmack receives the BAFTA Fellowship | BAFTA Games Awards 2016

Leading game programmer and virtual reality engineer John Carmack is honoured with the Fellowship, the highest accolade given by BAFTA, in recognition of his outstanding and exceptional contributio...

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